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                                                                KITCHENS ARE THE HEARTS OF HOMES 


You have been dreaming for a long time now. You have imagined how it looks a million times. You have pictured your whole family gathered around that perfect countertop,sipping hot cocoa and eating freshly baked cookies. So this kitchen renovation has to be perfect! Therefore, don't fall for contractors who will shatter your dreams, just because someone from your family told you they did a fantastic job with their porch. Choose someone who specializes in kitchen and bath renovations. We have been remodeling kitchens and bathrooms for more than 20 years, so we promise to make all your kitchen dreams a reality. From design to advice to execution, we are what you're looking for .


First, we will meet with you at the renovation location .We will take all the needed measurements and discuss your vision for the project.  Secondly, we will provide you with a free quote. Once the quote is accepted, we sign a contract and commence designing.  Then,we will give you  a rendering of the finished product and start gathering samples of finishes for your project ( if those are part of the package selected).Lastly, we will go over every detail and will not leave without you being 100% satisfied.


Come prepared  to our first meeting.Know what style and colors you like . We recommend  that you use one style throughout your home in order to create better flow. Don't use more than three or four colors and don't mix styles .

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